Please read before attending a workshop


Safety goggles are provided and recommended

Please wear shoes with closed toes if you value your feet

Family Friendly sessions or private parties are best for children; young people aged 11 & over are welcome at all sessions.


All workshops are at 4 Markfield Road Ratby LE60LP unless stated otherwise (see map below)

*avoid using a sat nav, as some will take you to the wrong location! We are easy to find with a map*

If there is space for your car, please park snugly on the drive, otherwise there will be space in the layby further up Markfield Road on the left. Please do not park in front of our neighbours houses or our house as we are opposite a bus stop, near a junction and a shop, If you do,  we will annoy you by asking you to move your car, and nobody wants that.
If you think you might need to leave early, please don't be the first to park, as if you get blocked in it is not fair to expect others to move their cars before they have finished. 


Please do not turn up without checking someone will be here unless you are booked on a workshop, and please do not enter the property or garden unless it is for a workshop! Call us on 07565449695 to view the shop. 
Gates open for workshops 10 minutes before your start time. Please do not ring the bell to my home or shout through the letterbox (yes, it's happened!) if you arrive early.  

Even though we are having as lovely time as you, the contact time with customers is a fraction of our job, and we work for hours either side. Please help us by keeping to the workshop times allocated.


We have three very friendly dogs that are only allowed out once all attendees are in the workshop. Please keep the gates closed, and if you pop out of the workshop ask us to shut the dogs away if you don't want to meet them.


Drinks are included.

We do have a visitors toilet, in fact most people recommend a visit to the smallest room as it has more glass examples in it!


If you would like to work with a piece of glass of dimensions greater than 45cm this needs to be requested a few days before your session so we can prepare it and you will need to book (and pay for) a double space please.


-  if a place on a FULL session is cancelled by a customer and the session is still running, and we fill the place, a refund or credit (minus £5 admin fee per place) will be given. 

- if we cancel, full refunds will be given. 

WHY is there an admin fee? 

Quite simply, there's a lot of admin!  Cancellations/transfers require extra communication, plus changes to our website and our calendar.

WHY don't we refund in full if you can't come?

Your deposit is our bread and butter. Or fish and chips. Or cream cakes.  You get the idea. Basically, if we refund you, and no one fills your spaces, we are down by 1/8 of our income per person, and we simply cannot afford it. 

We run a fantastic 'no use by date' voucher system, and vouchers may be used on kits and on products that we are selling. We do not give refunds on vouchers 


A deposit is required, with balance due on the day for items made. 

We have a card machine available for use


If you wish to search for ideas, please bear in mind that most fused glass on Pinterest has been made by experienced people. We prefer for you to use our Facebook page or the gallery on this website for inspiration. We are happy for you to copy our work and that of customers. If you do not want your work to be copied by others, we will respect your wishes on the condition that you can show your work is an original idea. 


Is usually around a week/10 days. You will be asked to leave a phone number so we can contact you.