Please read the essential reading section before booking

Dear smARTsy fans and glass addicts,

We have fewer spaces available per session, to comply with current health and safety guidelines. 
Please bring a mask. Visors are available to purchase. 
Please wear your mask upon leaving your car, and use the hand gel provided before you walk through the gate.

If you are maskless, we assume exemption and will not make an issue of it!

the tutor will then talk you through any current guidelines.

Message for kiln owners: Please note that our workshops are for pleasure only and they are not intended as ways to learn a technique that is then used to increase your own range of items for sale. 

✅  InstantBook - use PayPal to Instant Book on any event. Simply look for the attendance fee next to the list of dates below, and then buy your place from the InstantBook section of this website. Remember to state which dates you want!

📧 Please add your phone number as sometimes our replies go to your spam, and if we don't hear from you we'll  give you a call.

📞07565449695. If you ring and there's no reply, please leave a message. 

an open session means that you can make what you wish from the menu (see below, after the list of dates)

Please ask about additional dates not listed, for yourself, or a group; we cater for numbers large and small.

DATES - the smiley faces show how many spaces of the 6 are available to book, please ignore the (T) & (A) 


Monday 21st 7-9 4 panel lantern £15+ materials (£33) FULL  

Tuesday 22nd 10-12 Open Session £15+materials  FULL (T)

Tuesday 22nd 7-9 Stem florists 'Summer in a Box' £35

To book, please contact Anne at FULL 

Wednesday 23rd 10.30-12.30 Stem florists 'Summer in a Box'  £35

To book, please contact Anne at 😀😀😀

Thursday 24th 7-9 Four panel glass lantern £33 materials  FULL 

Tuesday 29th 7-9 Beach Huts £15+materials 😀 

Wednesday 30th 7-9 'The Wave' £15+ materials 😀 


Thursday 1st 10-12.30 Bridgets Private party (T)

Thursday 1st 7.30-9.30 The Small Pieces Session £15+ HALF PRICE MATERIALS FULL (A)

Saturday 3rd 10-1  Saturday Special: Circle S frame £25 attendance fee + £20 or £30 frame+ £30 glass FULL (A)

Tuesday 6th 10-12 Open Session  £15+materials  FULL (T)

Thursday 8th 7-9 The Small Pieces Session £15+ HALF PRICE MATERIALS! FULL (A)

Friday 9th 12-2.30 Open Session £18 + materials 😀😀😀 (A)

Saturday 10th 10-1 Open Session £25 + materials 😀 

Sunday 11th Samantha's private party (A)

Tuesday 13th 7-9 24 cm Bird Bath £15+ materials £25 FULL (A)

Wednesday 14th 7-9 Monet style fused glass  £15+materials FULL (A)

Friday 16th 10-12.30 Open Session £18+materials FULL (T)

Saturday 17th 10-1 Open Session £25+materials 😀😀😀(A)

Tuesday 20th 10-12 Open Session £15+materials FULL (T)

Wednesday 21st July Open Session 10-12 £15+ materials 😀 (A)

Saturday 24th July 10-1 £25+ materials 😀😀😀😀 

Monday 26th 1-4 Brenda's private party (T) 

Tuesday 27th 7-9 Stem Special 

Wednesday 28th Stem Special 

Thursday 29th 7-9 Jenny's private party (A)

Saturday 31st July 10-1 Open Session £25+materials 😀(A) 


Tuesday 3rd 7-9 Open Session £15+ materials 😀😀😀😀 (T)

Thursday 5th 7-9 Open Session £15+ materials 😀😀😀😀😀😀 (T)

7th n/a

Sunday 8th 10.30-1 £20+ materials 😀😀😀😀 (T)

Monday 9th 10-12 Open Session £15+ materials 😀😀😀😀 (T)

Tuesday 10th 7-9 Open Session £15+ materials 😀😀😀😀😀😀 (A)

Wednesday 11th 7-9 Open Session £15+ materials 😀😀😀😀 (T)

Thursday 12th Jane's private party (A)

Saturday 14th 10-12.30 Coral Bowl £20 + materials (£25)  FULL  (A)

Monday 16th 10-1 The Big Session £25 + materials 😀😀😀😀😀 (T)

Monday 16th 7-9 Open Session £15+ materials 😀😀 (A)

Saturday 21st 10-1  The Large Panel Session £25+ materials (£55 for glass,  add standoffs £2 each or mount in a frame +£30) FULL (A)

Sunday 22nd 10.30 Claire's private party (A)



saturday 18th 10-1 Open Session £25+ materials 😀

Thirsday 30th 10-1 £20+ materials Open Session 😀😀 😀😀

please do ask about more dates