Beach Hut Mobile

Price: 25.00 GBP
A cute sunshine, beach hut, a couple of seaside slices and a heart all work beautifully together in this hanging artwork. Click on the photo to see the detail. Please add postage £4 if required.

Super seaside wind chime/ suncatcher with beach hu

Price: 29.00 GBP
Ooh it’s a beauty! Lots of techniques and textures in this gently jangly work of art. Please add postage £6 from the postage section.

Seaside Panel

Price: 49.00 GBP
Measuring 18 by 30 cm or thereabouts, this panel features all kinds of yummy glass including hand painting by yours truly. Want double the size? Judy buy two and give me your dimensions. Postage for this size is £9, please add from the postage section.